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Mesolithic flake


The use of quartz as a raw material for chipped stone tools was widespread in Irish prehistory but a traditional focus by archaeologists on flint, and the use of a flint framework for analysing quartz, has led to the neglect of prehistoric quartz use. This paper introduces a PhD programme of analysis of quartz chipped stone technology in Irish prehistory currently being undertaken at the UCD School of Archaeology. This project, which is primarily based upon a recently excavated Mesolithic and Neolithic quartz assemblage, aims to provide a general overview of the extent of quartz use in Ireland, develop analytical frameworks for this material through experimental knapping and to test these frameworks through selected case studies. The aim is to enable the archaeological community to have a readily accessible, common set of general principles and analytical tools to facilitate and enhance research agendas involving quartz.

  • Lithics Ireland Consultancy
  • Galway, Ireland