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Mesolithic flake

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Driscoll, K. 2017. Approaching the Mesolithic through taskscapes: a case study from western Ireland. In U. Rajala and P. Mills (eds), Forms of Dwelling: 20 Years of Taskscapes in Archaeology. Oxford, Oxbow Books, pp. 41-61.

Driscoll, K. 2016. The role of quartz in Neolithic lithic traditions: a case study from the Thornhill Early Neolithic palisaded enclosure, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. 116C pp. 3-29.

Driscoll, K., Alcaina, J., Égüez, N., Mangado, X., Fullola, J-M., Tejero, J-M. 2016. Trampled under foot: A quartz and chert human trampling experiment at the Cova del Parco rock shelter, Spain. Quaternary International, Vol. 424 pp.130-142.

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Driscoll, K. and Warren, G. M. 2007. Dealing with the 'quartz problem' in Irish lithic research. Lithics: The Journal of the Lithic Studies Society, Vol. 28, pp. 4-14.

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